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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Where are Platinum Exotic Estates?

Platinum Exotic Estates are situated at three different locations, namely;

  • Magboro
  • Imota - Ikorodu
  • Mowo - Badagry

Who is the developer of Platinum Exotic Estate?

Platinum Exotic Estate developer is Platinum Worldwide Invest. Co. Ltd.

What is the price per plot/payment scheme while offer last?

The location determines the price:-
  • Platinum Estate, Magboro (Phase 2) --- N1.5 Million Per Plot (Promo)
  • Platinum Delight Estate, Arepo --- N4.5 Million Per Plot (Promo)
  • Platinum Estate, Joshua's Court, Agbara --- N1.5 Per Plot (Promo)
  • Platinum Estate, Imota Ikorodu --- N700,000 Per Plot (Promo)
  • Platinum Estate, Mowo Badagry --- N600,000 (Promo)
  • Platinum Estate, Itoga Badagry --- N800,000 Per Plot (Promo)
  • Platinum Estate, Shagotedo Lekki --- N4 Million Per Plot (Promo)


    Option – pay: 20% down payment and spread the balance over 18 months.

    Outright payment attracts 10% discount.

    What is the size of a plot at Platinum Exotic Estates?

    The size varies as per location


    What happens if a lesser or bigger plot is allotted to me?

    In the case of bigger or lesser plot, a sum equivalent to the size of shortage or excess multiplied by price per square meters will be refunded or demanded.


    Is there any encumbrance on the land?

    We are proud to say that the land is free from every known government acquisition or interest and no

    adverse claimant.


    What do I get after the initial deposit?

    A starter pack comprising receipts, acknowledgement letter and a deed of contract.


    What title does Platinum Exotic Estate have?

    Global Certificate of Occupancy in process but other related documents available.


    What happens if I cannot complete payment or default in the payment of 3months subscription?

    Additional grace period will be given to you, but with a charge of 5% fee.


    Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance any time within the duration of tenure?

    Every subscriber is expected to pay on a monthly basis even after the initial deposit, non payment will lead to outright revocation.


    When do I get my allocation?

    Provisional allocation is given immediately after payment of 30% of the price of a plot.


    Does Platinum Worldwide Invest Co. Ltd. charge interest on the balance of payment?

    The transaction is 0% interest free.


    Can i start to build my house, after i had paid 30% of the land?

    Yes, Platinum Worldwide Invest Co. Ltd., allows you to build your house, while making your payments.


    If i don't have time to supervise my building project, can PLATINUM help me in construction of my building?

    Yes, PLATINUM will be pleased to build for you and hand over your building keys to you.


    What do I get after completion of payments for the land?

    Receipts, letter of allocation, survey plan and deed of assignment, and restrictive Estate Covenant.


    Can I pay out rightly?

    Yes, you get 10% discount on every outright payment.


    Platinum R.O.I

    Platinum Exotic present an Innovative real-estate based Investment solution that intelligently and

    ethically leverage the current liquidity crisis to empower the Investor and enable high annualized return

    with ultra low exposure.


    Benefits of Platinum Exotic R.O.I (Return on Investment)

    Excellent Returns – 30% annualized return on your investment.
    Minimum Risk – Our unique strategies eliminate traditional property investment risks.
    Capital Protection – Peace of mind knowing that your capital is fully secured and protected.
    Crisis proof profits – Your profit is maintained –even in a downturn.